Thursday, March 29, 2018

Contact Update!

Hello everyone! 

Going forward, kindly contact us at the number below. You can call or whatsapp, but we do recommending Whatsapp-ing us as its FREE and we can have a record of your details! 

Do save this picture for your own records and send to your friends and family who require our doorstep onsite services with no obligations. 

With our many years of experience in the Singapore and Malaysian market, we have gained a small household recognition for ourselves through word of mouth.

Thank you to our avid and loyal customers for recommending so many of their friends and families to us. We hope to serve you better through the years!

Feel free to message us, or directly contact the numbers below should you have any queries and questions on quotations etc. We will try to reply you ASAP. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hari Raya Curtains

This is a late post, sorry about that. But during Hari Raya we served our repeated customer Kak Noi at her home at East Ledang, JB and her house was fabulous. Even more fabulous with our curtains! LOL!

Now with pictures for you to feast your eyes on....

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Curtain Rivals from JB!

We have recently been featured on The Straits Times Singapore and The Star Malaysia as being the curtain rivals for curtain makers in Singapore.

We are truly honoured for this little write up (name mention of 2 paragraphs, but ok! better than nothing lol) but we do feel for the Singapore curtain makers as the standard of living in Singapore really is a tad too high, hence the high prices of curtains in Singapore. We thank everyone for giving us the opportunity to be at your service and we to be continuing to provide you services from over the causeway.

Thank you everyone, from the bottom of our hearts.

You can read more over here!

Ample Hotel @ Sutera

Recently we have been contacted to do up the curtains for JB's better budget hotels, Ample Hotel. We are honoured to have this opportunity to work along side them for the project!

Thank you, Ample Hotel!

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We had the wonderful time working alongside the famous DJ and blogger, Thy Dowager!

Given the opportunity to work on the HDB Extreme Makeover, we were very glad that DJ Thy Dowager is so pleased with our curtains!

We are amazed that an old HDB can turn into such a beautiful home.. Looking like a condo! Curtains do make a difference! So if you need a breeze of fresh air into your homes, do contact us for a quotation! :)

Thanks Peggy! 

Pic credits to her at

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Vintage Classic

Brown wooden blinds are vintage and a classic! :)

Walk in Wardrobe

If you have no space for a wardrobe, why not try it out this way?